School Information: By using our photography services, you agree to our terms as detailed below;



We now incorporate SIMS information into our workflow to improve the efficiency and provide the School with an integrated service allowing quick image retrieval and identity of students absent on photography day. All final individual images will be provided in a SIMS compatible format for manual or automatic batch upload to your School’s SIM System (automatic batch upload is subject to your School purchasing a SIMS upload license.

Contact SIMS for more information). In order to achieve this, where required, please see the following;


1. For each new School year, a csv file should be provided electronically, ideally 4 weeks before the photography day, to Spencer Brown Photography Ltd. The data should include the following information;

A. Pupil’s Forename;

B. Pupil’s Surname;

C. Child’s Class/Form name/ or number; and

D Pupil’s unique ID number.

Please contact us should you require any assistance;

2. The above records will be stored securely and used by Spencer Brown Photography only for the purpose of the work flow.

Upon job completion, the CSV data provided will be destroyed.




1. On the day, the photographer will endeavour to arrive early (time will be pre-agreed) to allow for set up of equipment and a run through the plan of action. The minimum space required for efficient and safe set up would be the School/dinner Hall or a free classroom. A member of staff or pupil/s will often be appointed in advance to act as a ‘runner’ between classrooms to ensure the efficient flow of children to be photographed. A member of staff is required to be on site at all times to ensure safety and where SIMS system is utilised, to assist with matching each child to their name and unique barcode (provided by the photographer). A return shoot may only be possible in the cases where ten or more children were absent from the original photography day for example due to illness.

2. Within 2 weeks or sooner after the school photography day, the children’s photographic proofs will be delivered to your school organised into class groups.

3. The proof form will provide parents with instructions on ‘How to Order’ and will include a ‘Return to the School by Date’ and an ‘Order Online’ option.

4. Spencer Brown Photography will return to your school to collect the completed Return to School orders on an agreed collection date. Parents are reminded to include full payment with their returned order form, please note no change can be given.

5. Spencer Brown Photography are generally unable to collect orders which are received by the School after the collection date/return to School by date i.e late orders. However, the parents will still have the option of ordering online for a further three months with no late fee surcharge. Please feel free to pass on our direct contact details to any parent/guardian wishing to place a late order in order to reduce your administration.

6.  Within 3 weeks or sooner following the order collection from your school, the final prints and packages will be returned to the school arranged where possible into class groups to be given out to the individual pupils to take home.

7. Upon completion of the workflow, a cumulative sales discount or rebate (at a pre-agreed small percentage) will be calculated by reference to the total sales volume (less 20%), defined as the value of orders received before the return to School order deadline. This ‘economies of scale’ discount accrues to the individual parents/purchasers of photographs but, as a condition of sale we assume the parent/ purchaser’s consent for this discount to be donated to the school and, unless otherwise instructed, make a single overall payment accordingly towards the end of term within which the photograph day took place.


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